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Few Days in Thailand

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

One of the local temples two minutes from our hostel

My first days in Thailand have consisted of large portions of delicious Thai food, community bonding, and "How to Not Look Like a Tourist" lessons.

To begin, we spent a good amount of time discussing how much more aware you have to be of your surroundings as well as your actions. There are so many things that I do everyday that are considered rude to the Thai culture. For example, pointing is extremely rude, especially with your left arm... Showing or facing the bottom of your feet to someone is considered insulting because the bottoms of our feet are often "dirty", representing disgust.

There are many more, and trust me, the rest are just as important. But what I found most important to me were a few quotes that stuck out while reading an article about cultural exchange. The Alchemy of Travel, written by a fellow Overseas Educator through Carpe Diem, Simon Yugler touches on how cultural exchange is a path of healing and transformation. He mentions, "travel is about making the strange familiar, and the familiar strange". This is by far one of my most favorite quotes, because I feel it represents me very well, and on top of that, it can apply to anything, not just travel.

I hope to elaborate my discoveries and realizations in the coming days. We are currently on our way to visit our home stay families.

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