• Joe Chavez

A Learning Experience

And just like that, a week of living on a self-sustaining farm is over. Time really flies when you're learning how to make tea with grass, shampoo with leaves, or harvest rice that's meant to last your family an entire year.

I am so grateful to have spent this last week learning about permaculture (permanent agriculture). Our teacher and host, Sandot, brought joy and laughter to us all. His contagious laugh made it easy to spend full days harvesting rice in 90 degree weather.

There were times where I felt like his son. Each of ours' drive to learn and do made it easy to spend time together. We both respected the beauty of silence and simply living in the moment.

It was hard to say goodbye, and it's even harder to accept the fact that it won't get any easier. I hope to see Sandot again one day so we can continue to learn together and build a stronger relationship.

The next five days will be spent in complete silence. We've been calling it a Meditation Retreat, and we'll be joining a handful of monks at a temple to live with alongside them. So I'll have plenty of time to reflect about the present, and how grateful I am to be on this once in a lifetime trip.

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